PE at Green Park School

PE statement of Intent


It is our intention to develop a lifelong love of physical activity, sport and PE in all young people. We aim to ensure both a positive healthy, physical and mental outlook and develop the skills of teamwork and leadership. At Green Park the PE scheme of work offers a planned sequence of lessons showing progression of the PE National Curriculum requirements. Our scheme of work is broad and balanced and all lessons are differentiated thus ensuring learning is bespoke and inclusive. In lessons children will have the opportunities to compete, perform and evaluate. During KS1 the focus is on developing physical literacy and fundamental movement skills. Then KS2 builds on these skills and provides opportunities to apply them to specific sports. Lastly, it is our intention to ensure every child has access to 60 minutes of physical activity every day and provide them with the tools to inspire, believe and achieve.




  • PE at Green Park is taught by a combination of class teachers, qualified sports coaches and PE specialists.
  • Children are encouraged to participate in exercise through-out the day during PE lessons, clubs, outdoor learning, active lessons across the curriculum, break and lunch times and special events.
  • Children have the opportunity to become Play Leaders in years 5/6 and every class votes for two Sports Reps who help with lesson organisation and event planning.
  • Pupils participate in two high quality PE lessons each week, covering two sporting disciplines every half term. In addition, children are encouraged to participate in the varied range of extra-curricular activities and clubs.
  • Lessons are planned from a long term overview ensuring progression of skills and high quality teaching in all areas.
  • Green Park provides challenging and enjoyable learning through a range of sporting activities including; invasion games, net & wall games, strike and field games, gymnastics, dance, swimming and outdoor & adventure.
  • At Green Park we use the MKSSP units of work and follow the teaching pedagogy to ensure pace, engagement and progression are achieved.
  • Within the plans subject knowledge is enhanced by posters, technical diagrams, questioning cards and organisational plans allowing for clear, concise and confident teaching.
  • All lessons have a structure: dynamic stretches, independent active starter, prior learning re-visited, extended and developed then finally a cool down whilst recapping on skills learnt.
  • Questioning throughout lessons is used to assess pupil’s level of understanding allowing time to recap and embed learning.
  • Formative assessment is evident in all lessons with AFL strategies; shared WALT during active starter, tips given to achieve WALT, continual verbal feedback and evaluation of self and peers.
  • Summative assessment takes the form of a simple RAG sheet to measure progress in 3 areas namely cardio vascular fitness, skill based linked to WALT and involvement in lessons. This can be filled out after the lesson and used to inform planning, support and challenge pupils and to pass onto next teacher.
  • Pupils complete the Green Park Mile every day, to help meet the government target of all children being active for at least 60 minutes a day.




By following the planned PE curriculum lessons are high quality, progressive and consistent in approach, therefore developing physical literacy in KS1 and improving knowledge and sport specific skills in KS2. We measure the impact through the following methods: pupil discussions about their learning, video attainment, parental feedback, achievement in PE lessons through assessment for learning and school data. Assemblies provide opportunities to share good practice and attainment and also allow us to celebrate sporting success both in and out of school. Taking part in active days such as Sports Relief, Sports Days, athlete visits, festivals and competitions encourages parental involvement which has a positive impact on healthy lifestyles.

The use of MKSSP schemes of work and HIIT5 resources throughout Green Park has increased the profile of sport, PE and physical activity. Our pupils are physically active and this has positive implications on their learning in the classroom. Children understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle and understand the importance of exercise. We hope children enjoy PE and develop a love of sport, and physical activity, that they pursue outside of school and in future life outside of primary school. Year 6 pupils leave school with the skills to self-rescue in the water and swim 25 metres competently. Finally, all pupils understand the values and importance of fair play, teamwork and being a good sportsperson.


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